Sky is the limit… they said! This age-old adagium was put to the test in the epic droneshow of two titans of their respective industries: Mercedes-AMG and IWC. And what a spectacle it was!

7-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and George Russell raced their beautiful cars under a sea of more than 1.000 drones. All under the approving gaze of Toto Wolff, the press and a slew of celebrities. As always, TWOFIFTYK/Dronestories did a wonderful job in design and execution.

As both F1 fans and watch-enthousiasts ourself, we were thrilled to provide the music for this event. Check it out!


Rotterdam was a stage for greatness as it hosted the inaugural European Para Championships. This groundbreaking event brought together over 1,200 athletes from 42 European nations to compete in ten different parasports. The grand opening ceremony set the stage for an unforgettable week. It was a mesmerizing display of light, sound and dance, with gripping live performances by Davina Michelle, Viktoria Modesta and others.

EPC set a new benchmark for parasports events. We are very proud to have created the music for the hour long opening ceremony, as well as the official anthem!

ultra miami 2023

For over 20 years, Ultra has been one of the most iconic festivals in the world. And if this year’s edition was any indication, it will be for a long time to come! With 165.000 music lovers enjoying the amazing performances over three days, it maintains an absolute centerpiece of the dance community. 

To be absolutely honest, we always dreamed of becoming a small part of the Ultra family. And this year that finally became a reality! The creative masterminds at TWOFIFTYK  made 4 awesome drone shows, and we provided the music.

This is one of the shows. Check it out!


formula 1 Lv gp

Over the last decades, the Formula 1 brand has become synonymous with quality, class and excitement. And if the amazing kick-off event was any indication, we will be getting lots of all that during the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023! 

Hamilton, Perez and Russell toured the Strip, there were amazing drone shows and the Killers gave an awesome performance. 

We are honoured to have made the music for this epic show. The fact that we love both Las Vegas and Formula 1, just made it extra special. Brace yourself for fire, lights and drones. Check it out! 


Formula 1 and dance music both have special places in our hearts. So when we were asked to create the intro music for the shows of world-renowned DJ/producer Martin Garrix at the Las Vegas and the Mexico Grand Prix, we were exhilarated!

In Mexico, it became a huge party right from the start with the help of a traditional Mariachi band, and in Las Vegas, well, the party had never stopped in the first place:) Check it out!


In the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, lies the beautiful world of Dreamfields Festival Mexico. This two-day spectacle is a symphony of sound, light, and color, captivating the senses of thousands of music lovers each year. The vibrant atmosphere is a reflection of the country’s rich culture and vibrant spirit.

And this year was no different. We’re already looking forward to a new awesome edition in 2024! In the meantime, we made the music for the trailer. Check it out

Da vinci - Las vegas

Leonardo Da Vinci. His name is synonymous with innovation and inspiration. By expanding the absolute limits of human knowledge, he built a legacy that lives on even half a millennium later. 

A dedicated art show about this extraordinary man was long overdue. But now it’s here! Guided by the leadership of Las Vegas nightlife veterans Robert Frey, Ned Collett and Rutger Jansen, the incredible team of TwofiftyK created a beautiful and immersive experience on the Strip in Las Vegas. Leonardo: The Universal Man.

We proudly provided all the music for the hour-long experience. Hopefully, you get a chance to check it out in person!

ASOT 2023

A State of Trance is not only a legendary radio show that’s running for more than 20 years: the yearly festivals are just as huge and renowned around the world. 

And this year was extra special because it celebrated the incredible milestone of 1.000 episodes. Congratulations to all the people involved, and like Armin van Buuren said during his set: let’s go for another 1.000! 

We ar honored to have made the music for the show moments and DJ intros. Check it out! 

Edison Awards 2023

Since 1960, the Edison Pop Awards have been the most prestigious music awards in the Netherlands. And this year the event was bigger than ever, with partner AFAS Software providing their high-end AFAS Theater in Leusden.

Under the creative leadership of Sophie Reneman the event explored all the different emotions that underpin the art of making music. And we made the music representing all those complicated feelings that lead to the most beautiful, coolest, and loudest popsongs.

An event so exclusive, we don’t have any video to show you… But rest assured, it was a beautiful night. The artists got the attention they deserved! 


samsung s22 event

The launch of a new flagship phone by Samsung is always a huge event. And this year was no exception! On a unique location, TwofiftyK had created an awesome immersive lightshow. Beautifully captured on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It inspired a true sense of wonder and excitement. 

We are proud to have provided the music for the event and aftermovie. Check it out! 

Saga festival

Saga Festival. For three days every summer, the Romaero Airport becomes a sea of sound and light. A home for some of the best dance artists in the world. 

Brought to life by the great creative minds of ALDA and Insomniac, so you know that the quality of the music, the story and the effects are absolute top of the line. One of the stages is even in an actual airplane!
We made the music for the dazzling aftermovie by Jesper de Vroed. Reminisce the past editions, and see you in 2023!

t-mobile 5g show

T-Mobile is one of the world-wide leaders in communication technology. So what would be more fitting to promote their 5G service than a high flying drone show? And why not on the Las Vegas Strip to give it some more flair! 

These drones are beautiful and powerful technology, and you really have to be there in person to fully grasp the magic. 

We made the music to go along with the smooth lines and transitions of the lights. Check it out!

afas edison awards

Once a year, all the best music artists of the Netherlands come together to celebrate the greatest works of all. And from this year on, the ceremony will be held at the brand new and beautiful arena of Dutch software giant AFAS. 

We are proud to have made the music for the trailer, check it out! 

A State of Trance

After a long, long pause of two years, Amsterdam Dance Event and A State of Trance had a big comeback!

And what a party it was, with both the audience and the DJs enjoying the evening to the fullest. ASOT had a huge radio show and livestream as well. It was great to see the dance music world and its inhabitants back in full swing.

We provided the opening music for the artists. Check it out!


Following the brilliant sci-fi movie Annihalation, Netflix is bringing Extinction to streamers worldwide! The film is written by Oscar nominee Eric Heisserer (known for writing Arrival) and directed by Ben Young, so expectations are high. We are proud to have made the music for the trailer, and we are honored to have won the Buma Stemra Best Sync Award for this. Check it out!

armin van buuren

There are few living legends in the dance scene, and even fewer that still impact modern day music with force, driving it forward and pushing the boundaries.

Armin van Buuren is definitely in this absolute top-tier class.

So we are more than thrilled that we have had the opportunity to make an intro remix for his epic Revolution track with Luke Bond and Karra!

forever xl

Over the years, Don Diablo has established himself as one of the most authentic and original voices in the dance industry. This year he is, in his own worlds, taking it to the next level: a solo show in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. A huge event for Hexagonians from all over the world. 


We provided music for the promo!


In these challenging times, where canceled events and social distancing are the new normal, the internet is more important than ever before. It keeps us connected with friends and family. It gives us information. And it allows us to keep sharing our passions and experiences. 

Cloudflare is one of the companies that make this all possible, and they made a wonderful ad to celebrate the beauty within the misery. And we provided the music. Stay safe! 

armin van buuren

After an unfathomable 19 years of weekly radio shows, a State of Trance festival came back home for the celebration of episode 950 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. And the event was bigger and better than ever! 


We did the cinematic opening for the epic set of Armin van Buuren.  Let’s go for another 20 years! 

code 8

Everybody knows Stephen and Robbie Amell as actors of the DC/CW hit shows Arrow and The Flash. 


For years, it has been their dream to make a movie themselves. And with hard work, creativity and persistence they did just that! The feature- length Code 8 will get a theatrical release. We love that we have provided the music for the trailer! 

WWF #beatplastic

There are few NGO’s as influential and respected as the World Wildlife Fund. With Armin van Buuren as their new ambassador, they will fight the plastic in our oceans with the #beatplastic project. 


By raising awareness and making events plastic-smart they make a great contribution to this important issue.  We are proud to have provided music for this cause!

Warrior (HBO)

Bruce Lee. The name itself is synonymous with strength, speed and pure willpower. But the near mythical man who single-handedly defined martial-arts in cinemas worldwide, also had a more unknown talent: writing. Luckily, this caught the attention of HBO, who made a series out of it: Warrior. We are honoured to have provided the music for the awesome trailer! 

this is me

Armin van Buuren has been a world-renowned DJ/Producer for more than 20 years. The time at the top gave him an enormous amount of memories, experiences and insights. 


In 2020 he will share all of this in his most personal show ever: This Is Me. We are excited to be a part of this by providing the music for the marketing campaign!



For over 20 years the DJ Mag Top 100 has solidified itself as THE authoritative list of the best DJ’s. We were honered to compose the music for the 2018 award ceremony, with a wonderful mega-mix from the legendary Ben Liebrand in the middle. And ofcourse congrats to Martin Garrix for winning the award again!

The intruder

When Dennis Quaid creeps around the house that he sold to Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, you might expect some trouble… and in The Intruder, there’s just that! 


The psychological thriller filled with jump-scares and political allegories proved to have good legs at the box office. We did the music for the promo, check it out!   


Once a year, almost the whole dance-music world gathers in the Dutch capital: Amsterdam. And at the epicenter of it all, in the massive Johan Cruijff Arena, you find the boldest festival of all: AMF. We proudly provided the music for the epic opening ceremony, after which the always enegetic Sunnery James and Ryan Mariano took over!


As one of the biggest festival organizers in the world, ALDA is always looking for opportunities to take the experience to the next level and is at the forefront of the global feeling of unity in the dance industry. They asked us to make a track that was both emotional and epic, to fit the highlights of their awesome year. 

Check it out! 


On paper, Parookaville is a dance music festival in Weeze, Germany. But it’s much more than that it’s a completely alternative world where visitors get a chance to roam and discover! They asked us to make a mystical, orchestral remix of the hit song ‘Children of a Miracle’ to a company the story-driven start of their aftermovie. 

Check it out!


The young and already greatly successful Medusa Festival in Valencia greeted almost 300.000 visitors this year, and keeps on growing! We composed the music for the opening ceremony (lovely designed and directed by 250K). There is no official video yet, but hereby a sneak preview!

KLM 100 years

KLM is the first and only airline that has existed for a full 100 years... and they have been celebrating this awesome feat all year long! 

We made the music for one of their parties in Amsterdam, where a special ballet was choreographed to a remix of Armin van Buuren's Heading up High and Tsjajkovski immortal Swan Lake Theme.


The Dutch Edison Pop Awards are one of the oldest of its kind (just one year younger than the Grammy Awards), and form a celebration of the surprising amount of musical talent that exists in our small country. We are proud to have done the audio creation and editing for the award show. Our congratulations go out to Nielson, who was the big winner this year! 


GoodHabitz is a rapidly growing e-learning corporation that delivers accessible and fun learning for everyone and about everything. They asked us to make music for their brand movie, as well as an orchestral piece for the opening show of their yearly event. For the latter, we worked together with a drum band to create a thrilling atmosphere with live elements. 

Check it out!

Play Video


We did an orchestral intro of Don Diablo’s remix of the classic tune ‘Got the Love’ the renowned DJ opened various sets with this track, getting the crowd hyped and on their toes. Just before the first beats dropped. Here is an example of such an opening. 

Check it out!