How is trailer music made?

Earlier, we wrote a blog about the fact that trailer music is mostly composed by different artists than the actual movie soundtrack (if you missed it, check out this blog). But how does that work, on a practical level? Are there long conversations with the director, is there competition with the soundtrack composer? In short, the question is: How is trailer music made? Let us walk you through the process of making a movie trailer, from our own experience. Without giving away too much: we had the opportunity to work on quite a big Marvel movie trailer some time ago. This…

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The Impact of Melody and Chord Progression

The most recognizable aspect of a song is almost always the melody in the music. Whether it is the latest song of Charlie Puth, a classic hit by Michael Jackson or an even more classical music piece by Mozart: the melody is responsible for making you go “oh, yeah, I know that one!”. The recognizability of a catchy melody that is easy to follow makes a ‘good’ song. One should be able to sing along with it, be it as a professional singer or as a young child with no musical experience whatsoever. But what exactly is melody? Stripped all the…


What is trailer music?

Almost everybody loves movie trailers. The most popular ones easily get 100 million views on YouTube within the first 24-hours, and some even surpass that enormous amount. A large part of what makes a trailer great, apart from the snippets of awesome action and snappy one-liners, is the music. It can be epic, it can be intimate, but it needs to captivate the audience and, most of the time, carry the trailer forward. However, not a lot of people know where these pieces of music come from. A common misconception is that it is simply a short piece of music taken…


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